• You want to buy a vehicle in Germany?

You want to buy a vehicle in Germany?

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We help you to buy a car

Simply fill out our inquiry form (incl. link to your desired vehicle on e.g. mobile.de or autoscout24.de) and we will check the offer and contact you within the shortest possible time. Afterwards we contact the seller and take care of the rest.
  • We negotiate the purchase price for you
  • We check the condition of the vehicle
  • We check the details of the vehicle documents for accuracy.
  • We close the deal for you

Are you a car dealer?

If you are a car dealer abroad, then we will buy your desired vehicles for you and resell them to you. Everything goes through us. You bear no risk and have only us as your contact.

Advantages of the automotive market in Germany


The factory warranty of a German vehicle is valid in any EU country and can be claimed at any authorized workshop.

Large selection

You will find more than one million new and used vehicles on German car marketplaces, such as mobile.de and autoscout24.de.

Vehicle history

Most German cars are checkbook-maintained, so that accidents and repairs can be traced without gaps.

Cheap and good

German cars are often inexpensive, very well equipped and well maintained.


For 165 € (excl. VAT) we have your vehicle inspected by a professional expert before you buy it. This will provide a detailed report on the condition of the vehicle.

We will also gladly take care of the transport of your new vehicle. We will gladly deliver it to any desired address. Of course all transports are well insured with us and ISO certified.

Furthermore, we can help you with registration, calculation of luxury tax ( NoVa, BPM ... ) and customs in your country. Talk to us about it.


Which websites can I use to search for cars in Germany?

You can find German vehicles at www.mobile.de and www.autoscout24.de.
The pages are available in many languages.

I have found a vehicle, now what?

Fill out the form above or contact us directly.

If this is your first time buying a vehicle through us in Germany, we will contact you after receiving the completed form. We will discuss your questions about the vehicle you are interested in and then contact the seller.

What documents do I need for the contract?

Private person:

Identity card / passport (front + back) and your home address.


Complete company name and address
Valid sales tax identification number
Current excerpt from the commercial register or business registration
Legible and valid copy of identification from the company owner or manager.

Do you also buy vehicles from private sellers?

Yes, we also buy from private sellers. However, in the case of private individuals, they must bear in mind that as a rule no VAT is shown for the vehicle.

How much is the tax in Germany and what price should I expect?

In Germany, the value added tax is 19%.


A car costs 50,000 € at the dealership and VAT is shown. That would be 50.000 € gross : 19 % VAT = 42.016,81 € net.

If you are a dealer abroad or a private person outside the EU, you only have to pay 42.016,81 €. The deposit of 7.983,19 € will be refunded after successful transfer and registration.

If you are a private person in the EU, you have to pay the full price of 50.000 €.

A private person sells a car for 50.000 €, then you have to pay the full 50.000 € according to §25. VAT can not be shown here and this regardless of whether you live inside or outside the EU.

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Do the vehicles still have a manufacturer's warranty if they were registered in another country?

YES = in the EU

The manufacturer's warranty is valid throughout the EU and remains intact.

NO = outside the EU

If the vehicle is registered outside the EU, then the manufacturer's warranty expires.

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